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Music & End-of-Life Care

Music supports the unique needs of individuals and their families throughout each stage of the journey

Music Therapy and Music-Thanatology services are available for your loved ones who are nearing the end of life and/or receiving palliative care.

These music services provide opportunities for enjoyment, reflection, reminiscence, emotional expression and release, and shared time together.

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Music therapy provides opportunities for family bonding and reminiscence; pain management and relaxation; and physical, spiritual, social, and emotional support, including bereavement support for family and loved ones.

Music-thanatology utilizes live harp and voice music at the bedside, tailored specifically to the subtle signs and signals expressed by the individual, to address the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the dying and their loved ones.

Music therapy and music-thanatology services provide opportunities for creative self-expression, aid in pain management, and can help facilitate a peace-filled transition for the dying and their loved ones.



  • Music therapy sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis, or more or less frequently depending on your family’s needs, and can involve activities such as music listening, life review, music making, lyric analysis, legacy projects, and songwriting
  • Music-thanatology vigils can be scheduled any time they are needed or desired throughout the dying process, up to and through the moment of death (please call if your situation is imminent)
  • Music therapy sessions and music-thanatology vigils take place wherever your loved one is staying (private homes, hospitals, hospice homes, nursing homes, etc.)

The Goal:

The use of music creates a safe and sacred space for your loved one and your family along each part of the journey up to and through the final moments of life. 

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