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Music Therapy & Childbirth

Individual and family music therapy support for pre-, peri-, and postnatal well-being, for Momma, baby, and the whole family!

Are you…?

  • Struggling with the idea of becoming a parent?
  • Wondering how your family will bond after your baby is born?
  • Feeling anxious about your pregnancy and upcoming labor and delivery?

Music therapy assisted childbirth supports YOU in pregnancy, childbirth, and the transition into parenthood. 

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Individualized music therapy sessions support your process of preparation for childbirth and parenting through various relaxation, self-expression, and creative arts exercises.

Together, we will identify and customize the best music playlists for your unique needs. These playlists can be utilized prenatally, throughout labor and delivery, and in the postpartum period for relaxation, pain management, anxiety-reduction, and family bonding.

Selecting the perfect womb song or writing your own with the help of the music therapist can help to support bonding with baby by capturing your thoughts and feelings in a way that both you and baby can cherish for the rest of your lives. Choosing or writing special songs can also make daily routines, including bathtime, bedtime, mealtime, and playtime, easier and more fun!

The Process

Music Therapy will help to: 

  • Support the process of preparation for childbirth and parenthood
  • Relieve pain, anxiety, fear, worry, and doubt in the birthing process
  • Promote confidence, creativity, excitement, and peace surrounding the birthing process
  • Foster relaxation and focus during the birthing process
  • Support family bonding

What to Expect: 

Pre- and post-natal sessions take place in the comfort of the client’s own home. Peri-natal support is provided at the birthing location.

Prenatal sessions generally begin during the third trimester of pregnancy, but services can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of a client/family prior to that if desired.

What you will do:

  • Select and customize music playlists for relaxation and focus
  • Practice relaxation techniques with music
  • Participate in creative self-expression through various art media (mandalas, song-writing activities, vision board production, etc.)
  • Select or write a womb song and/or a birth song to promote bonding with baby
  • Select and/or write songs for functional use after birth (for bath time, bedtime, mealtime, playtime, etc.)
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